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How it works?

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    If you are willing to have your website built in just a day, we will ask you to fill out our application form. Info you will submit would help us identify your business needs and whether or not we are a good fit for each other. If we feel you require a different type of service, we will then happily refer you to one of our trusted partners.

    Apply today
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    Pick a date

    Let's get organised! Once we have decided we are a good fit for each other, we will get in touch with you and schedule The Build Day, that will suit both parties. When that's arranged, you will receive a contract to make sure there's nothing unexpected going to happen and you know exactly what you are signing up for.

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    Online preparation guide

    Happy Days! We have now decided to work together and already have a date. Time for the "website in a day" Guide, that will help you efficiently gather all the content you need to prepare for the Build Day.

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    Design & content consultation

    With your business needs and goals in mind, we will review the content you got together, and help you choose a design base for your future website, that will be a perfect fit for your brand. We will then discuss any further changes to your content and make a plan for the Build Day.

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    The Build Day

    On the Build Day, we will build and launch your perfect website while you sit back and learn looking over our shoulder. 

    Too good to be true? Take a look at our Plan for The Build Day here

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    Follow up consultation

    You are never alone in this. We always have your back! Once your website is launched we will consult you on further steps, and will support you throughout the whole project, even after the Build.

What's included?

  • Powered by WordPress

    Your website is built on WordPress

  • 10 Pages & Posts

    Up to 10 pages and posts installed (you can continue to add and grow your site at your own pace)

  • Premium Design & Framework

    We only use premium, stable and scalable WordPress themes

  • Email Marketing

    Mailchimp installed, connected and tested*

    *if required

  • Social Media

    Social Media sharing functionality configured and set up

  • Premium Contact Form

    Gravity Forms plugin installed and configured to suit your needs

  • Branded 'Coming Soon' Page

    Great if you want to keep building instead of go live on the day

  • SSL Certificate

    Full SSL certificate installed and configured

  • Popup

    Popup installed and configured

  • WordPress training videos

    Training videos right at your fingertips - installed on your Dashboard

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics connected and set up for you to see all the stats

  • GDPR Compliant

    We will advice you on all the measures to take to ensure your website is GDPR compliant.

How you benefit working with us

inaday.ie is designed to create custom
WordPress websites for businesses
the right way, the first time


Professional advice and guidance on design, content and all the other aspects of your inaday project.

Strategic approach

We analyse your business needs and goals, which helps us build a web strategy to help you achieve them.

Premium Tools & Support

We are only working with tools that are reliable, and safe. You will benefit from out knowledge of what exact tools your business needs in its toolkit.

Your website is looked after

You can put your mind at ease even after the Build Day. We will maintain your website, ensure all the licenses of the initial Build package are up to date*, and your website is law compliant, safe and secure for you and your website visitors.

It's not website lease

The website we will build for you is yours to keep. The hosting can be transferred to your name at any time after the first 12 months*

Use your site like a PRO

On the Build day we will work together to get your website up and running. By the time it's live, you will know exactly how to use it.

No hosting headaches

We get all the hosting "stuff" sorted for you, which means you can concentrate on your business while we do what we do best.

Discount program

All inaday members get good discounts on design, development and support for all their future projects.

Only a text away

On the Build day we will instal an app on your phone that will help you communicate with us efficiently. So if you have any questions - we will be only a text away.

* If you opt out of our Maintain membership after 12 months, the cost of all licences and hosting will be transferred to you to renew yourself

Who is it for?

We offer small businesses and solopreneurs websites within a reasonable budget and time frame. 

Do you need a website right away?

Do you have a set budget, and won't stand budget blow-outs?

Have you had a previous sad experience with web agencies or freelancers?

Do you want to work with professionals who know what they are doing?

Would you like to learn how to manage your website on your own, while having a support of our team?

Then you would love the inaday experience!

We have previously worked with the following setups - but feel free to apply if you think we can help you too.

  • Consultants, Coaches, Soletrades

  • Micro-businesses, Solo Professionals

  • Tutors, Bloggers, Freelancers, Artists

The Build Day

Here's how we work on the day

9:30 am - Let's start with coffee

...or whatever beverage gets you moving in the morning. We check how you have yours before the day.

9:45 am - 1 pm - Get started!

We review your content and map out our agenda for the day. Generally, by 12pm/1pm the skeleton of your website will already be built.

1-1:45pm – Time for a recharge

Refuel and recharge with healthy snacks - we check your preferences before the day and preorder.

1:45-5pm – Complete the Build

After lunch we get stuck into configuring all the moving parts, making sure everything is working as expected.

5–6pm It's time to launch!

We ensure everything is in order, run the website through our 80 point checklist and prepare to launch. If you feel like you'd rather use the gained knowledge and would prefer to keep building your site, we will set up a professional looking, branded holding page.

How much does it cost?

Website built in a day

€1997 one off payment
  • A WordPress website you love
  • Features and benefites as listed above on this page
  • In a day preparation guide
  • 1 hour online design & content consultation
  • 4 hr customisation & prep from our team
  • 8 hr in person Creation Day
  • Lunch, drinks & snacks on the day
  • 1 hr follow up consultation

Fast and affordable doesn't mean low quality.

It's a well known fact that one of the biggest project cost blow-outs in website development is the ongoing to and fro.


Our innovative methodology for website creation cuts out all of the to and fro, allowing us to keep the cost down.