The most efficient web agency in Ireland
It takes a month to create a habit.
It takes a day to create a website.

We just make it easy for you

.We do all the ground work and research the best possible solutions to solve your business problems and suit your needs.

.We schedule the Build Day together, meet up, and get your website up and running within one day. Coffee and lunch are on us. At the end of the day you will leave, knowing how to keep growing your website independently.

.We pride ourselves on our aftercare service we are always here to help with any questions you have after the Build day

All your questions answered

Are you real people?

We are! Our sister company Brillsome, managed by Irina McCann, has been building and maintaining websites for international clients for over 4 years.

We came up with when we saw a demand in the Irish market. The majority of solopreneurs and small businesses either didn't have the budget or were having problems speaking to a real person about there business needs All that usually results in poor websites, lots of headaches or no websites at all.  

We decided to start offering a service that helps our clients with smaller budgets OR tight deadlines get set up online with a beautiful, fully functional website that addresses all that a potential customer of that business needs.

I have a website already, will you be able to make a new one for me?

We sure can!  In a is created for those who either never had a website before, or those who urgently need a new website to replace the old one.

In many cases, depending on how much content we need to move from your old website to the new one, there will be an additional fee for migrating all the required information. It may be very time-consuming and we generally do it before the build day.

What technology do you use for websites in a day?

We only offer WordPress websites, the themes we have tried and tested, and plugins we can trust. Don't worry, we will guide you through the whole process 🙂

I already have bought a WP theme I like - can you set it up for me?

Our main goal - is not to waste your time so, please, book a no-obligation call to discuss this matter. We have over 30 different themes we regularly work with, however, if the one you have is not one of them - we will have to review it first before accepting your application for the project. 

How much does it cost?

We believe that in a perfectly fills the gap between DIY'ing and hiring a developer, at a price that is manageable. Our set fee for a website in a day is €1997, you will also pay a set fee of €85 a month for our website care & maintenance package (compulsory for the first 12 months).

Here's what you get:

  • a website that you will love
  • all features & benefits listed on this page
  • Preparation Guide
  • Consultation on design & content
  • half a day preparation for your project
  • 8/9 hours long Build Day
  • drinks & snacks on the day
  • follow-up consultation
What if I am not happy with the site?

We'll work with you to identify what's not to your expectations and sort it out. We have a fairly defined process to make sure there are no surprises and we teach you how to continue adding content to your site, and some 'next steps' to keep it moving. A website is only one component of your overall business marketing, but we have heaps of resources on hand to help you understand how to make your site earn it's keep.